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Memory Components are Integrated Circuits (ICs) that store data temporarily or permanently, and they can be classified into volatile and non-volatile types. Volatile memory ICs require constant power to retain data, while non-volatile memory ICs can retain data even when power is turned off. Volatile memory ICs include DRAM, DRAM Modules and SRAM. Non-volatile memory ICs include ROM, EEPROM, Flash-NAND, Flash-NOR, and MRAMS.

We utilize a Hybrid Distribution Model to provide our clients with the best options for their Memory IC needs.

Our commitment to providing solutions to our customers begins with their needs, and not just on our line card.

Products from our Channel Procurement Suppliers lineup are part of ARCOTEK’s Procurement Services. All products are sourced either directly from the original manufacturer or through their authorized channels, with full traceability to the original manufacturer, unless otherwise specified. All Products supplied carry a 1-year warranty for form, fit and function as per the Manufacturer’s specifications.