Procurement Services

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Procurement Services

Our Procurement Services originated from our trading roots and enable us to address the needs of our customers in ways that complement their existing Supply Chain.

Our global sourcing reach and relationships allow us to bridge the gap between supply and demand and offer customers delivery and cost advantages for products as reflected in the global marketplace.

The aim of our Procurement Services is to offer cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of customers at every stage of the Product Life Cycle.

ARCOTEK has supported the electronics industry for 25+ years with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services based on our customers' specific requirements. Our international procurement team is structured to provide cost-effective procurement solutions for a wide variety of products including, but not limited to, electronic components, assemblies, batteries, industrial equipment, and more.

ARCOTEK’s global footprint with local and representative locations in the USA, Europe, and ASIA ensures access to real-time customer product support at the regional level.

All products are sourced directly from the Manufacturer or through their Authorized Channel Suppliers with traceability to the factory and an ARCOTEK 1-year product warranty for Form, fit, and function unless otherwise specified. The exception is when we are tasked by our customers to source EOL and Obsolete Product, for which we have established unparallel Quality processes and standards that eliminate substandard or counterfeit products entering the Supply Chain.

ARCOTEK’s goal is to be an indispensable extension of our Customers' Procurement Team, delivering the highest quality products and services combining procurement and logistics management that complements our Customers' always-evolving supply chain needs. 

Global Sourcing Solutions

ARCOTEK’s Global Sourcing Service supports production shortages, spot requirements, and cost reduction programs through 25 years of wide and well-established global supplier relationships.

With the exception of Obsolete Products, all products are sourced directly from the manufacturer or their Authorized channels with traceability to the factory and an Arcotek 1-year product warranty for Form, fit, and function, unless otherwise specified.

Our product offering includes Electronic Components, Equipment, and any other products utilized by customers in the industry.