NETSOL Serial MRAM Products are ideal for applications that must store and retrieve data and programs quickly and frequently due to the non-volatility, virtually unlimited endurance and fast-write characteristics of STT-MRAM. 

They are suited for code storage, data logging, backup memory and working memory in industrial designs and can replace Flash, FeRAM or nvSRAM with same functionality and non-volatility. 

Key Features 

  • 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb, 8Mb, 16Mb, 32Mb Density  

  • Power Supply : 1.8V (1.71V ~ 1.98V) or 3.3V (2.7V ~ 3.6V) 

  • Single, Dual and Quad SPI with SDR and DDR Serial interface Compatible 

  • Data Retention : 10 years 

  • Read Endurance : unlimited 

  • Write Endurance : 1014 

  • No external ECC required 

  • Industry Standard Pin-out and Packages : 8WSON, 8SOP