Hybrid Distribution Model

Hybrid describes something made up of various parts or elements.

For example, a hybrid car is a vehicle that uses both gasoline and electricity to run. At Arcotek, we care about our customers and their needs. We want to provide them with the best solutions for their projects and challenges. 

That is why we have adopted a Hybrid Distribution Model.

  • We offer a unique combination of Manufacturer and Traditional Distributor benefits, along with Value-Added services and Customer Care that allow us to provide value by bridging the gaps in the traditional supply models.

  • The drawbacks, restrictions, and inefficiencies that often plague a traditional distribution model, nor the limited Product Portfolio of a Manufacturer do not constrain us in our objective to support our customers' unique and customized needs.

  • Access to highly skilled Product Experts enables us find custom or standard solutions to help customers and their engineers overcome any challenges they may face.

  • We have an unlimited capacity, free from any technical, physical, geographical, or Logistical limitations.

  • We support our customers' supply chains by delivering products that suit their needs throughout the Product Life Cycle, whether they are looking for the latest innovations or solutions for legacy, end-of-life, or obsolete products.

  • Our Value-Added Services enable us to manage inventories, coordinate inbound & outbound traffic, and deliver products when and where needed, worldwide.


  • Our products are procured from global manufacturers, either through official agreements, direct purchases, or through their global authorized distributors.

  • To meet the specific requirements and preferences of our customers, we supply customized products and services.

  • Our technical support, warranty, testing, certification, and other services meet the diversified and unique needs of our global customers' requirements.

  • The knowledge and global relationships developed over the past 30 years enable our team of product sourcing experts to find the best suppliers and solutions to meet our customers’ needs. 


We offer a reliable supply of products through: 

  • Our inventory management system, sourcing products from multiple suppliers globally, delivering them to our customers worldwide, with flexibility and speed through our offering of flexible programs to meet our customers’ specific needs. 

  • Keeping our customers informed of the current and future market conditions and forecasts, so they can make the best decisions for their business. 

  • A Quality Team and Quality policies that ensure the highest standards of quality for our products. We work proactively, reactively, and correctly to maintain and improve our quality processes and system. 

Lower Total Cost of Ownership by: 

  • Consolidating Inventory across the entire Supply Chain. 

  • Keeping Inventory off customers’ floors. 

  • Delivering products to customers on a just-in-time basis. 

  • Leveraging volume across multiple customers to lower purchasing costs and pass on cost savings to our customers. 

  • Replacing many single-purpose vendors with a one-call, one-stop-shop approach that saves customers administrative & other costs and allows them to focus on what they do best. 

This enables us to offer our customers the best quality, price, and availability of the products they need, along with other value-added services and excellent customer service.