Logistics & Value Added Services

Logistics Management Services

ARCOTEK's Logistic Management Services allow our customers to manage their global production requirements around the world.

  • Strategic Regional Warehousing & Shipping Hubs - America, Asia, Europe
  • Regional Just-In-Time Delivery
  • Point-to-multipoint Global Shipments
  • Consolidated Order Fulfillment
  • Import / Export, Customs expertise
  • Traffic / Route Optimization

Value-Added Services and Manufacturing Solutions

ARCOTEK offers a wide range of Value-Added Services to meet our customer's specific requirements.

  • Tape & Reeling
  • Custom Labeling and Bar-Coding
  • Custom Packing & Dry Packing
  • Programming
  • Product Inspection and Testing
  • EMS Manufacturing Solutions

Reverse Logistic Programs

ARCOTEK's Reverse Logistics program reduces inventory carrying costs for overstocked product and product that is no longer used in production.

  • Excess Inventory Management
  • Consigned Inventory Programs